Drive Genius 5.1.0 Torrent Free Download

Drive Genius Torrent gives you faster performance from your Mac while also protecting it. The award-winning and improved DrivePulse feature alerts you to hard drive issues before they become major problems. Optimized for OS X 10.10 Yosemite, top features like Defrag and DriveSlim will help keep your Mac running fast. The all-new BootWell tool lets you create a special bootable secondary drive to Defrag or Repair your main hard drive. You can also personalize and organize your Mac hard drive icons with IconGenius.

Drive Genius 5.1.0 Torrent For Mac

Why do I need Antivirus for Mac?
With Macs becoming more common in and out of the workplace, hackers are developing attacks specifically for the Mac platform. These hackers either attack the Mac itself or to lay dormant until a connection is made to a Windows-based system. Only 50% of Mac users are running virus protection when compared to the 76% of Windows users. That’s why Prosoft Engineering implemented an automated Malware Scan into Drive Genius 5.

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Protect your Mac
Drive Genius helps to protect your Mac from potential hard drive failures and errors that can cause you to lose your data. The award-winning DrivePulse® feature monitors the health of your hard drives to alert you to potential issues (errors, fragmentations, bad blocks) before they become a major problem.

DrivePulse® has been enhanced to do more extensive testing once the drive has been idle for 5 minutes.
Heuristic engine analysis to notify you if a drive needs to be replaced before it actually stops working.
Monitors your hard drive for system changes during login and notifies you when a change occurs (a common avenue for a virus to infect your computer).
Monitors for low free space and notifies you when your hard drive is filling up.
Prevents your hard drive from sleeping when your computer is in use. This prevents applications from hanging while waiting for a sleeping disk to wake.

Drive Genius 5 Features:
Malware Scan
Physical Check
Instant DrivePulse
Active Files
Consistency Check
Speed Up:
Clean Up:
Find Duplicates
Find Large Files
Secure Erase

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